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Speed Progress to End NF
Children’s Tumor Foundation

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The Children’s Tumor Foundation mission is to:

• DRIVE RESEARCH toward treatments and a cure for neurofibromatosis (NF)
• SUPPORT PEOPLE with NF and their families
• FOSTER the best clinical NF care
• EXPAND AWARENESS and advance the fight against NF

Millions of people worldwide live with neurofibromatosis (NF), not to mention relatives, friends and supporters, so there are an abundant number of potential volunteers that may wish to contribute to research. But even the most motivated individuals have told us that they have trouble finding the right opportunities to get involved. They face challenges finding trials that need people with their specific medical history, or in their geographic area.

At the same time, even at the country’s most sophisticated medical centers, trial teams struggle to recruit volunteers on time so that their trials can move forward. This slows the drug development process and makes trials more expensive. It is estimated that recruiting challenges ultimately account for one quarter of the total cost of clinical research — and this impacts drug company's willingness to fund trials.

The NF Registry was created in 2012 by the Children’s Tumor Foundation to help increase the flow of participants into the clinical trials that need them, speeding progress toward breakthrough therapies and an end to NF.

This RoomFunding project will fund genotyping of 5 people with neurofibromatosis for the NF Registry.

For more information about NF and the Children’s Tumor Foundation, check out

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2% funded

1500 room nights needed

5 children's lives impacted

Why We Like This Project

The work that the Children’s Tumor Foundation is vital to helping find the right treatments to ultimately put an end to NF.

Nicole Watson Director of Marketing and Giving

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