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The Forecastle Foundation is the activism arm of The Forecastle Festival - a three-day® festival in Louisville, KY. The Forecastle Foundation's mission is to "Protect the World's Natural Awesome". For this RoomFunding project, we have partnered with the Guayaki Foundation in Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay. The Guayaki Foundation works to educate farmers, businesses, and communities in the Atlantic Rainforest - one of the most diverse and biologically-rich ecosystems on the planet. Due to unsustainable agricultural practices, only 7% of the original forest remains.

For 15 years, Guayakí Yerba Mate has pioneered a model of sustainable development that empowers local indigenous communities in Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay to regenerate and protect the Atlantic Rainforest while earning a sustainable income for their families. By leveraging access to international markets for organic, fairly traded yerba mate these communities have secured sustainable revenues and developed community infrastructure and organization while protecting and restoring the Atlantic Rainforest.

The Guayaki Foundation will work on a 1-year project goal to educate 150 students on agroecology systems, plant 2,500 native trees, and create a future plan for the 16,000 hectare preservation of the Marrecas Indigenous Reserve.

Our goal is to reach children attending indigenous schools, bring them to Maracas Reserve, and experience environmental education. Soon these kids will become decision makers. The most effective learning approach is for them to participate in outdoor activities, such as our native tree nursery. Planting native trees is one of the most important aspects of enhancing the benefits of agroecology systems. Educating future generations about organic and fair trade principles prepares them for market opportunities. Making composts and applying it to the soils, for example, allows for improved methodology of an agroecological system. Sharing the principals of agroecology opens the holistic view of the entire ecosystem.

We plan to implement our goal by organizing monthly visits to the Marrecas Reserve, and the local school where indigenous children attend. We aim to reach 150 students (appox two children per 75 families) over an eight 8-month school year. During this year, students will be introduced to:
  • Planting and caring for 16 native trees at the school nursery
  • Organic, fair trade and agroecology principles
  • Comprehensive education about the function of native trees in agroecological systems

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Why We Like This Project

Universally, nature helps us define who we are as people. Through education in agroecological systems and sustainable farming the Forecastle Foundation is using this principle to change the lives of children across the globe on the Marrecas reserve. Through the efforts of the Forecastle Foundation, the preservation and restoration of the Atlantic Rainforest is taking place and these children will continue to use the resources around them in nature to define who they are and what their future has in store. Please join us in changing the lives of children and helping protect the world's natural awesome!

Ricky Robichaud, CMP Director of Business Development

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