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Martha’s House

Okeechobee, FL      Advocacy


Martha’s House is dedicated to working to end domestic violence, and to serve survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. We provide 24 hour emergency and shelter care to women and children whose homes are no longer the safe havens they should be. It is the only certified domestic violence shelter program in Okeechobee County.

Each year, Martha's House serves approximently 125 children through the shelter and another 125 through outreach services (those who need all of our help but not shelter.) We also speak to over 3,000 school students each year about healthy relationships and respect, in the hope of reducing future incidents of domestic violence and sexual assault.

Providing services to survivors is key to ending domestic violence, yet without solid and effective prevention programs, education and social change, domestic violence will not end. Martha’s House holds as a high priority, impacting future generations with life changing information and challenging the community to rethink its acceptance and tolerance of domestic violence.

This RoomFunding Project helps Martha's House provide shelter, care and prevention programs for children in Okeechobee County.

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1250 room nights needed

125 children's lives impacted

Why We Like This Project

No child should feel unsafe in their own home. The services and programs that Martha's House provides are crucial to helping end domestic violence.  

Nicole Watson Director of Marketing and Giving

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