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General Music Classes in Schools
Foundations of Music

Chicago, IL      Arts


Foundations of Music brings high-quality music education to underserved classrooms and communities across Chicago. Our mission is music for every child, and our vision is a society where children of all means have access to music education and the opportunity to creatively express themselves through music. Nearly two hundred Chicago elementary public schools do not have the resources to provide music education. Foundations of Music addresses this gap by providing core music education to children in these communities.

General Music Class is designed for students in grades K-5. Classes develop in students a functional knowledge of all of the basic elements of music, such as melody, harmony, rhythm, beat, form, and dynamics. Through playing, singing, moving, and listening, students become familiar with a variety of musical styles and various forms of instrumentation. Students explore music in different historical and cultural contexts. As they participate in lessons, classroom teachers learn how to incorporate music into their existing curriculum to deepen student understanding of both musical and nonmusical subjects (e.g. language arts and social studies).

This RoomFunding Project will fund General Music Class for more than 1,000 students in 38 classrooms across Chicago. These students will receive more than 20,000 education contact hours.

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